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Name:Rare Literature Fanfiction
Website:Community memories
Posting Access:All Members
Community description:Rare literature-based fanfiction
This community is for the purpose of posting rare or unusual book-based fanfiction. Which means no Harry Potter, Twilight or Lord of the Rings fanfiction, at the very least. Use your common sense.

Warning: This community may contain adult content.

Posting Guidelines:
Do post:
* Rarelit fics. Do post in other languages than English as well.
* Rarelit recs.
* Thoughts on rarelit fanfiction.
* Calls for beta readers. You may also want to peruse our list of beta readers. There is also [community profile] beta_masterlist.

Do NOT post:
* Introductory posts. ("Hi, I'm new here.")
* Community promotions. If you want to promote your community here, contact [personal profile] anehan.
* Fic searches should only be posted after careful perusal of the community memories.

Please use this kind of subject line
[Fandom] FIC: "Title," by Author. Pairing/Pairing, rating.
[Fandom] REC: "Title," by Author. Pairing/Pairing, rating.

Only admins can create new tags, so if your author and/or fandom tag isn't created yet, you may safely leave worrying about them to the admins. We check every entry for correct tags anyway and add each fic to the community memories.

The LiveJournal community rarelitslash has excellent resources of rarelit fanfic archives and LJ-based rarelit fanfic communities.
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